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Rhinestone, Pearl, Bead Sorting Trays - Set of 5

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  • Our triangle sorting trays are made of food grade PP resin. It has excellent surface finish, thick and elastic, durable and not easy to crack.
  • These triangle sorting trays are not only can be used for beading, jewellery making, painting and other DIY crafts, but for tablets, capsules, chocolate beans, candies, nuts.
  • The plastic triangle sorting trays are elegant white color and they are washable that you can clean them with a brush and then wiped with a wet cloth .
  • Each set of plastic white triangle sorting trays is enough for your to sort different rhinestones, beads, or hold different colors of painting pigments.
  • Our triangle tray allows you to quickly find the rhinestones and  beads you need which makes your handwork easier and more enjoyable.
  • Includes a Set of 5 Trays