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The Profitability Planner

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This product profitability planner was created to help you determine if your business is generating a profit or loss. When you complete this planner you will be able to determine all of your material cost, labor cost, and other cost to help you price your products and/or service correctly. You will gain clarity into your product pricing to ensure maximum profitability. Save time researching costs to quickly determine markups and retail prices.  This planner includes this following:

    • Understanding pricing profitability in your business. Understanding what is included in your material, labor, and other cost.
    • Three trackers for material, time, and other cost. A product pricing worksheet in excel. This worksheet includes an instruction guide, examples, and all the formulas you need to determine your product prices and profit margins.
    • Written by the CEO of Rhinestones in a Box that has over 10 years of accounting and auditing experience. This is a digital ebook that is available to download after purchase.
    • This ebook provides you with the tools, knowledge, and resources to make more informed decisions when it comes to pricing products and understanding profitability. Clear, comprehensive, and easy-to-follow instructions make it simple to apply the concepts taught right away. Learn from the expertise of a well-known CEO and grow your business!

Customer Reviews

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Renee Armstrong
Real Eye Opener

I’m not gonna lie I thought this was gonna be another typical tracker like many other, but it wasn’t! Thank you so much making this for us. Believe me when I say it was short, sweet and to the point—A very informative read. I printed out the trackers and got right to work. And the spreadsheet that she included is the icing on the cake. I have struggled with pricing and trying to make a profit for so long this really has shown me the difference of what I need to be doing. Don’t stay down worrying about what others are doing, or listen to the naysayers who say “that’s too much”.. do what works for you and your business. Get this Profitability Planner you won’t regret it.

jillian lee
Helped me hire my first employee

The profitability planner really helped me understand finances better . I kind of felt I was undercharging and after evaluating profit margins. I definitely was undercharging for my products. I also was able to see how much I can afford if I was to add employees. Definitely worth it. A great investment !!