About Us

Rhinestones in a Box was founded in June 2020 by Gabrielle Hardy. Our company is based out of Leesburg, Virginia. Our company all started from our owner wanting to make custom bling sneakers for daughter back in 2016. With no idea about the different type of stones and where to start, Gabrielle set out to search videos on youtube and google. She purchase her first set of stones from Michaels. Not knowing that the stones from the craft stones were not quality stones, she completed her daughter's first bling shoes. After applying the stones, Gabrielle was trying to figure out why the stones were cloudy and cracked. She later learned that those stones was acrylic stones. From that experience, Gabrielle went on another search to learn as much as she could. 

After conducting her research and buying from other suppliers, Gabrielle felt like there was a gap with knowledge, quality stones, and affordable stones. Before opening Rhinestones in a Box, the owner spent 4 years researching the bling industry, testing different rhinestones, and educating herself on the different type of stones. 

Since opening our e-commerce store, we have sourced our rhinestones from reputable vendors that uses high quality material in making our rhinestones. Before selling to our customers, we have conduct researched on our vendors and sampled items before bringing the products to our store. Our owner's main goals are to not only provide quality products, knowledge, and great customer service but to stay informed and up to date on the products, tools and techniques used in bling community.