Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do you ship internationally? 

      We ship worldwide.

    2. Where are you located?

      We are an online store that is located in Virginia.

    3. How long will it take for my order to ship?

      All orders are processed within 1-5 business days. This time is separate from shipping time. Please refer to your shipping and handling policy. If you have any questions regarding your order, please email us at

    4. What does MM and SS stand for?

      They are descriptions for rhinestones and pearls sizes. MM is abbreviation for millimeters. MM is used to describe the size for resin rhinestones and pearls. SS is abbreviation for stone size. SS is used to describe the size for glass, crystal, and Swarovski.

    5. What does AB mean?

      AB is an abbreviation for Aurora Borealis. This gives the stone an iridescent coating on rhinestones and pearls. Please look at our Jelly Resin Stone Collection, AB Pearl Collection, and Glass Collection.

    6. What are the differences between Resin Rhinestones and Jelly Resin Rhinestones?

      Both jelly and resin rhinestones are both made from plastic. The main difference between the two are that jelly stones will be the same color throughout the stone and the resin stones will have a silver foil on the back.

      The process of making these stones are different as well. Jelly stones usually have an AB coating for most stones. Resin are typically transparent throughout the stone with a foil backing unless stated they have a transparent backing to them.

    7. What are the differences between Glass Rhinestones and Resin Rhinestones?

      Glass rhinestones are made from glass. They provide a brighter shine than resin stones. We sell them in pouches of 10 gross which is equal to 1440 stones.

      Resin rhinestones are made from plastic. They provide a beautiful shine but it is not as bright as glass rhinestones. Resin stones are also a cheaper alternative to glass stones.

    8. What type of adhesive should I use?

      This is a personal preference. E6000 is a popular choice for many but it has a very strong smell. The E6000 no odor is a better alternative. I personally use E6000 when I bling sneakers and footballs. For other items I love using Liquid Fusion which is no odor and has a firm hold like E6000. You also have the choice of using Gorilla Glue, GemTac, and Supertite Fusion. We have used these adhesives on small projects.

    9. What size rhinestone should I buy?

      This is the most confusing thing to figure out when you are beginning your rhinestone (bling) journey.

      If you are working on a larger project like a tumbler, order 4mm to 5mm resin rhinestones and ss16 or ss20 in glass rhinestones. You and your eyes will thank me later lol. You will need smaller  krhinestones to use as fillers since as 3mm or 2mm resin rhinestones and ss12 and ss6 for glass rhinestones. For tumblers, my go to stone size is 4mm or ss16. Most of customer prefer to use 5mm for resin and ss20 for glass on tumbler lids.

      For smaller projects like nails and pens you can use 3mm and 2mm resin rhinestones and ss12 and ss6 glass rhinestones.

    10. What do I use to pick up rhinestones?

      You can use wax pencils or a Pick Me Up tool.

    11. Do you have to seal your rhinestones/pearls after your complete your project?

      No, you do not. Please do not add epoxy to seal your rhinestones or pearls. The adhesive that you use should be sufficient enough to hold your stones from wear and tear.

    12. Do you make custom kits or custom bling mixes?

      This something that will be offered in the future. If you have a request, please send us an email at

    13. As a new blinger, what should I buy?
      We suggest you start out with resin rhinestone. We also suggest that you try one of our bling kits and bling mixes. This will give the opportunity to use a variety of different size stones with resin rhinestones and pearl stones.